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Brayden Olson: Nov 5th Launch Event/Featured Photographer

Brayden Olson’s hand is now easily recognizable since the release of his work for the popular cosmetic brand Glossier. One could easily set these campaigns aside and still be impressed with Olson’s ability to be commercially effective and still unyieldingly offbeat. Employing some clinical distance in editorials Olson is able to speak directly and loudly through his photos.
From Vice to WWD to Ray Ban campaigns, Olson’s notable portfolio features an arresting and impressive use of lighting and color. The confidence is palpable in each series, as if Olson is just having fun being there: nothing too labored or serious. Both the model and the client benefit from this sense of carte blanche and irreverence making him an artist to watch closely.

Words by-Mary Sucaet Bustamonte